W8 What - Wake Up!

from by Spintunes



George Michael

The video can be found here: vimeo.com/224746758


Oh you guessed it would be nice
If you could touch somebody
And you know that Somebody
You touched was me.
A new song now begins
But I’m never gonna dance again
You knew you were a father figure to me.
Now everything I’ve wanted Isn’t anything I need.
But I’m happy that you finally: set your monkey free.

Just when I thought I did not give a damn.
Wham! Christmas morning, without a warning.
I did not wake you up as I was told.
I did not wake you up before I go go’d.

Wake up.

You put the boom boom boom
into my heart - but that
is something you need back.
The boom boom’s what you need.
Beats per minute true
I’d gift my heart to you.
It should have Andrew we all agree.
I do not belong to you, you don’t belong to me.
I hope that you finally got yourself some happy.

I did not wake you up as I was told.
I did not wake you up before I go-go’d.
Wake up.


from SpinTune #13 - Round 1, released July 10, 2017
Music by Ryan Claus
Lyrics by Glen Nesbitt




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

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