Rob From Amersfoort - The Blonde Bombshell

from by Spintunes



celebrity's name: Jean Harlow


born a carpenter
in the sunflower state
drawn to the silver screen
by a flying magnate

burned up so fast
but you will last
baby you are missed
you're still on my list

you’re the true Blonde Bombshell
you’re the first Blonde Bombshell
you're the only Blonde Bombshell
we’ll never forget you
my platinum blonde

you played an angel from hell
only fate could break the spell

bright flames burn out fast
but if you're an actress
your fame might last

in my dreams
we're on a date
dinner at eight?


from SpinTune #13 - Round 1, released July 10, 2017




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

Spintunes is a semi-annual songwriting contest. Every other week, the competitors receive a challenge and a week to meet it.

Each album on this site contains the responses to a single challenge

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