Little Bobby Tables - Star Man Redo

from by Spintunes



When I was small, I saw you on the screen
showing us a hundred billion stars
talking of long ago, talking of far away
how vast the black surrounding us, how very small we are

In my imagination, I traveled in your ship
flying, though my feet stayed on the ground
captivated by galactic mysteries
miracles and secrets out there, waiting to be found

Star man, star man
how you tried to open up our eyes

Then I grew older, and came to know
the other part of what you had to say
this small blue marble, our only home
if we don't take care of it, we might slip away

We're masters of creation, dragons of eden
saints and scholars, liars, lovers, fools
butterflies who live one day, and think that it's forever
survival's the exception here, extinction is the rule

Star man, star man
we hold it in our hands, we need to understand

Many others do their best, to follow in the path you set
and carry on your message faithfully
we're all made of star stuff, but some shine brighter than the rest
to light the way for all of us to see

Star man, star man
what would you say if you were here today?


from SpinTunes #13 Round 3, released August 6, 2017




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

Spintunes is a semi-annual songwriting contest. Every other week, the competitors receive a challenge and a week to meet it.

Each album on this site contains the responses to a single challenge

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