Sara Parsons - DAY​(​by​)​DAY

from by Spintunes



Before I say what there is to say,
It's gonna be OK

Wasn't all that we made him to be,
But now he's what you need

Please take this letter as a sign
You wish you were better, but just give it time

Will make your mind all foggy and blurred
But you'll get over her

Will find your heart torn open in fear

And they're still here

I wrote this letter as a sign
You need to get better, but just give it time
To breathe...

Stop and smell the roses
And sip a little wine
Hold yourself the closest
And always speak your mind
Never go out searching, cuz trouble always finds a way
You're getting better, day by day...

Have all you need, it's wrapped up inside
But it's OK to cry

Have seen the edge, we've been to the brink
We're stronger than you think

I hope that you'll read this as your sign
You're gonna get better, but just give it time
To breathe, and please...

Stop and smell those roses
And you can try wine
Know that what's the closest
Isn't always worth your time
Call off all your searches, cuz trouble's gonna find you anyway
But you're still better, day by day...

I'm doing fine, but I don't know why
I'm still afraid to cry

I love you, and goodbye

Sincerely, you and I


from SpinTunes #13 Round 3, released August 6, 2017




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

Spintunes is a semi-annual songwriting contest. Every other week, the competitors receive a challenge and a week to meet it.

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