Boy on the Wall - Bail Me Out

from by Spintunes



Song bio: My song is a tribute to Robin Williams. Seems like the guy had a dark, difficult inner life even as he was bringing humor and joy to millions of people. On a podcast appearance, he told a story about bailing out some comedian friend who got arrested; that's what gave me the central image for the chorus lyric. Maybe, for other folks, his comedy helps ease the exact kind of pain he was experiencing?


Nine o clock is a fire
Your body warm in the glow
A million miles at midnight
Feels like yr gonna explode

But six am is a prison
Can’t get out of yr bed
Are you the gift that you offer
Or are you just the voice in your head?

But you bailed me out
While you were still in chains
You drowned it out for me
But you were still in pain

You had to travel in darkness
to find the source of the light
While everybody was laughing
You fought a hell of a fight


Maybe it’s not that simple
I’m sorry if I got it all wrong
Your sadness made you brilliant
Your weakness made you strong



from SpinTune #13 - Round 1, released July 10, 2017




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

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