Inflatable Vegetables - Another Blackstar Fallen

from by Spintunes



Subject: David Bowie


I was still in diapers when your spaceship crashed to earth
Alien in warpaint and silver platform boots
Flamboyant, experimental
Androgynous, bisexual
Cocaine troubles in LA
The characters took over

Phoenix bursting into flames
And rising from the ashes
Chameleon of many names
Pushing fame and fashion
Flaunting convention
Living as performance art
Constant reinvention
Another Blackstar Fallen [Deathstar]
Another Blackstar Fallen

Satan was living in your indoor swimming pool
Heavy drinking Berlin scene, throwing up in alleys
Hitler as a rock star
Low Eno synthesizers
Voracious offstage sexuality
Commercial suicide


And now
Shiny crabs sing in imitation
With Coraline black button eyes
Dissolve the corporation



from SpinTune #13 - Round 1, released July 10, 2017




Spintunes Union, South Carolina

Spintunes is a semi-annual songwriting contest. Every other week, the competitors receive a challenge and a week to meet it.

Each album on this site contains the responses to a single challenge

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